Model Test : CHEMISTRY

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1.What is the borid encrgy of H- Cl?
a) 431 Kjrnol-1 b) 414 Kjmol-1
c) 326 Kimol-1 d) 244 Kirnol-1
2.Which is the negative, pole of dry cell'?
a) Carbon rodb) Zinc Plate,
c) Copper
d) Manganese di-oxide
3.Which one is the best fuel to use in fuel cell?
a) Carbon di-oxide gas
b) Tear gas c) Hydrogen gas
d) Oxygen a as
4.Which one is resist by ozone layer?
a) IRb) UV
c) X-ray d) g-ray
5.Which one is non-electrolyteÕ?
a) CuS04b) H2SO4
c) NaCl d) C6H12O6
6.What is the another name of H+?
a) Hydronium ion b) Active oxygen
c) Reductant hydrogend) Proton
7.What is the pH of blue coloured alkali in Universal indicator?
a) 0 - 3b) 3 - 7
c) 7 - 11 d) 11- 14
8.What is the formula of gypsum?
a) Caco3 b) CaSO4
c) NaCld) .2H2O
9.What is china clay?
a) Small stoneb) Cement
C) Soil d) Water
10.Stones decay due to-
(i) Fog(ii) Flow of air
(Iii) Sunlight
Which one is correct'?
a) i, iib) ii, iii
C) i, iii d) i, ii, iii
11.Which is 'uscd to remove thc rust of copper'?
a) Tarnarindb) Lima
c) Slaked lime d) Water
12.Which of the following metal is extracted by self reduction process'?
a) Pb b) Cu c) Al d) Fe
13.Which is significant for petrochemical industry'?
a) Thermal pyrolysis
b) Combustion
c) Catalytic pyrolysis
d) Substitution of chlorine
From the following reaction answer the question no 14 and 15
14.In this reaction H2SO4 act as-
a) Catalystb) Dehydrating agent
c) Reducing agent d) Neutral agent
15.What is the compound 'B'?
a) Saturated hydrocarbon
b) Unsaturate hydrocarbon
c) Aromatic compound
d) Polymer substance
16.How many alcohol groups are present in glycerine?
a) 1 b) 2 c) 3 d) 4
17.In which name sodium alkyl benzene sulphonate is known as?
a) Oil b) Sugar
c) Soap d) Detergent
18.How much ethanoic acid is present in vinegar?
a) 3 - 4.5%b) 6 - 10%
c) 4.5 - 5.5% d) 5 - 6%
19.For ripening of fruits we use
(i) Calcium Carbide
(ii) Ethylene(iii) Propene
Which one is correct?
a) i, iib) ii, iii
C) i, iii d) i, ii, iii
20.Which is produced when carbohydrate foods react with oxygen?
a) CO2b) H2O
c) Energy d) Ail
21.Within how many years fossil fuels of earth will run out?
a) 50 year b) 500 year
c) 100 yeard) 200 year
22.Which of the following is flammable substance?
a) Iodineb) Aerosol
c) Chlorine d) Organic peroxide
23.For which states of matter changes?
a) Temperatureb) Pressure
c) Concentration d) Hit
24.In diffusion process', pressure of air inside and outside of the vessel is
a) Smallerb) Greater
c) Equal
d) inside is greater than outside
25.In sublimation process which states of' matter doesn't exist?
a) Solidb) Liquid
c) Gas d) Air
26.Radioactive isotope is usedin
(i) Chemotherapy
(ii) Production of electricity
(iii) To determine the age of mummy
Which one is correct?
a) i, iib) i, iii
C) ii, iii d) i, ii, iii
27.What do you understand by
m ┴?
a) Symbol of element
b) Atomic mass
c) Amount of charge
d) Atomic number
28.If we arrange the elements according to their atomic mass, then where the
potassium will situated'?
a) Before Nab) Before Ar
c) After Ar d) After Kr
29.In which year John Newland gave octave law'?
a) 1864 b) 1789
c) 1869 d) 1764
30.Elements of group -11 are
known as-
a) Alkali metal
b) Coinage metal
c) Alkaline earth metal d) Halogen
31.To produce 1L, 1M, solution-
(i) 98g H2SO4(ii) 40g Na0H
(iii) 106g Na2CO3
Which one is correct?
a) i, iib) ii, iii
c) i, iiid) i, ii, iii
32.2F2 + 2H2O š 4HF + O2
Which type of the raction is?
a) Neutralizationb) Combustion
c) Analysis
d) OxidationReduction
33.Which is the oxidation number of oxygen in most compound?
a) -1b) -2
c) + 2d) -
According to the following reaction answer the question no 34 and 35
C + O2 → CO2.
34.What type of the reaction is?
a) Exothermicb) Endothermic
c) Isomerisationd) Neutralization
35.The reaction is-
(i) Addition(ii) Synthesis
(iii) Combustion
Which one is correct?
a) i, iib) ii, iii
c) i, iiid) i, ii, iii
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প্রকাশক কর্তৃক ক-২৪৪ প্রগতি সরণি, কুড়িল (বিশ্বরোড), বারিধারা, ঢাকা-১২২৯ থেকে প্রকাশিত এবং যমুনা প্রিন্টিং এন্ড পাবলিশিং লিঃ থেকে মুদ্রিত।

পিএবিএক্স : ৮৪১৯২১১-৫, রিপোর্টিং : ৮৪১৯২২৮, বিজ্ঞাপন : ৮৪১৯২১৬, ফ্যাক্স : ৮৪১৯২১৭, সার্কুলেশন : ৮৪১৯২২৯। ফ্যাক্স : ৮৪১৯২১৮, ৮৪১৯২১৯, ৮৪১৯২২০

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